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Water, Sewerage & Waste Exhibitions have been running shows for over 25 years specifically tailored to the water, sewerage, waste-water and drainage industries. Each visitor is entitled to:

  • FREE Entry
  • FREE Parking
  • FREE Hot Buffet Lunch
  • FREE Drink from the bar
  • FREE Tea or Coffee and Biscuits
  • FREE Entry into £250 Prize Draw
  • FREE Copy of Water, Sewerage & Waste Magazine


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15th May 2014
12th Jun 2014
19th Jun 2014
11th Sep 2014
25th Sep 2014
9th Oct 2014
23rd Oct 2014
5th Nov 2014
13th Nov 2014
20th Nov 2014

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“Water, Sewerage & Waste” Exhibitions, established in 1987, have a track record of successful events and are geared to results.

For over 25 years we have provided through our highly successful series of “Water, Sewerage & Waste” Exhibitions convenient, local environments for visitors to information gather from some of the most revered and reliable suppliers, manufacturers and service providers these industries have to offer.

We host multiple shows a year, which are strategically placed around the UK and Ireland. Our tried and tested formula continues to attract to our exhibitions key specifiers who’ve been personally invited and are keen to talk business. We reach those people who “put pen to paper” and actually order or sign contracts for goods and services in the industry.

“Water, Sewerage & Waste” Exhibitions require a little forward planning and stand personnel but we take care of the rest…

We allow a high number of face-to-face contacts with specifiers on a time scale and volume that an on the road representative could not hope to achieve. “Water, Sewerage & Waste” Exhibitions mean business

WSW News

Barrier repair in 3D

Xylem used the novel approach of a remote-controlled boat equipped with specialist software to create a 3D map of a damaged floor barrier following recent storms, which enabled a swift repair.

WSW News
Lanes Group

Flood of work

Lanes Group has been helping to identify and resolve widespread potential flood problems for Bolton Council – particularly important given the recent storms.


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